yesterdayChicago Ridge, IL+13 milesItems Wanted
Hi! I ve just started camping and really love it! I m looking for anything camp friendly that someone isn t using anymore, maybe just sitting in the garage, collecting dust? Thank you!
yesterdayHomewood, IL+19 milesItems Wanted
I'm in need of medium or large size boxes for moving.
yesterdayChicago, IL+26 milesItems Wanted
I have friends who like to play Trading Card Games. I will take any trading card games, you want to get rid of.
yesterdayChicago, IL+26 milesItems Wanted
Looking for camera bags, any brand, in good condition, at least big enough to hold a camera and lens. No giant bags please. Helping to run a summer after school style program and we need bags for kids to take cameras home in. Can pick up anywhere on the north side, preference to near a train stop! Thank you!!!
yesterdayChicago, IL+26 milesItems Wanted
Looking for large unwanted rocks. I have means to remove them without tearing up the yard or landscape they are located in. Thanks
yesterdayOak Park, IL+22 milesItems Wanted
I'm looking for a low profile book shelf or shelves for a school library with no budget for furniture. I'm hoping for a maximum height of 4 feet. Would take a wide shelf or several thinner shelves or any combination you might be willing to part with.
this weekNaperville, IL+19 milesItems Wanted
If you can help .... My Morning Glories are in need of any reasonable trellis to climb. Doesn't need to be pretty, the vines will cover it. Thank you!
this weekChicago, IL+26 milesItems Wanted
Seeking a functional serger to improve the quality of my zero-waste produce bags, as well as decrease the time spent hemming internal seams. Thanks!
this weekChicago, IL+26 milesItems Wanted
Hi there. Do you have a functioning and usable manual typewriter sitting somewhere and not being used? If so, I d love to take it off your hands. I m in Edgewater (Thorndale & Kenmore) and I work in the Loop, so either location is good for me. I have no car so a location close to the CTA Red Line works best for me (or anywhere in the Loop). Thank you!!!
this weekChicago, IL+26 milesItems Wanted
Hi, we we're greatly impacted by the polar vortex and our home flooded to the extent that we needed to move out and restart fresh. We are in need of a dining table and 4-6 chairs or are looking for a coffee table at least that we can have something to eat upon. Our place isn't too big. If you have something in good condition that is not too bulky or heavy, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank y...
this weekChicago, IL+26 milesItems Wanted
I just recently moved to Chicago and I am short on cash so I m in dire need of a stove and refrigerator...Any help is well appreciated... Thanks in advance
this weekChicago, IL+26 milesItems Wanted
Due to the unexpected sale of our building, we have to move. We do not have enough supplies to do so, and could really use some help. If anyone has any cardboard boxes, big, medium, whatever, we really need them. We can come and pick them up. Please help!!! Thanks for your time!
this weekChicago, IL+26 milesItems Wanted
Looking for a puzzle rack to hold children's puzzles. The typical type you would use in an early childhood classroom.
this weekChicago, IL+26 milesItems Wanted
I am looking to collect any Magic: The Gathering cards that people don't want anymore.
this weekOak Park, IL+22 milesItems Wanted
We are moving to an apartment with a massive upper deck. I m trying to fill it with plants. Tall or big fake plants or anything real. I don t mind mixing fake with real. Thank you!!
this weekHinsdale, IL+13 milesItems Wanted
gave my old one for grandma to learn some internet skills :) would be so glad if anyone spared an unneeded 10" tablet... planning on reading ebooks mostly on a bigger screen, eyes hurt on a phone
this weekWheaton, IL+21 milesItems Wanted
I am looking for a smaller desk for my office. Thank you!